Friday, July 29, 2011

February 9 2011, Gold Panning

I did some panning on February of this year, I didn't take a pic of every pan that time. But heres some of my better pans that day. 

Some of the dirt, see the lovely oxidized rust color in there? Almost always good gold in that stuff.


Some of the tailings pile. Lovely pegmatite (thanks Indy!) and enough white and smoky mineralized quartz to thoroughly wear me out when I carried it out.

More of the manganese stained vein quartz. Whenever I find this stuff, I know its going to be a good day.  I dont know what the other rock is with the quartz vein, but it was rust stained so I carried it out too. Will crush and examine later. That other rock was pretty heavy for its size, maybe gneiss.

This was one of the better pans for a little bigger pieces since most of the stuff I was finding was fine.

This is the cleanup pic after I re-panned all my concentrates.  

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